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  • Preface

    This oldest Neurosurgical Society in the world has published commemorative volumes from time to time, notably the 50th Anniversary volume in 1970 that was edited by Edwin Boldrey, a volume commemorating the 75th meeting of the Society in 1984, the volume celebrating the Society's 75th year edited by Historian Eben Alexander in 1995, and, finally, the 80th Anniversary volume in 2001. Now, we move to the internet.

    The Society of Neurological Surgeons began in 1920 as a travel club that held meetings twice a year with the goal that the small number of physicians who had chosen to be neurosurgeons would learn from one another. At those meetings, there were presentations of cases, demonstrations of surgical procedures, and some symposia.

    Very few of even the oldest among us have had the privilege of knowing any of the original members, and our younger members may have had little chance to delve into the Society's history. Some flavour of the early days is given later in this volume, and additional history has been published in our neurosurgical journals. That said, it is the biographies of the members that form the heart of this work for it is the membership past and present that reveals the true nature of any society. Thanks to all you who have contributed.

    The task has been simplified by the ground-breaking labour of past historians and by the staff of the Communications Department in Winston-Salem, notably Kara Shinault. They've done it all before, which has greatly simplified the process. Not enough can be said about the support provided by the AANS, in particular, Catherine Hamma.

    Appreciation is due to the Executive Council for allowing him to do this enjoyable task, to the Historian-Emeritus, Eben Alexander, Jr. M.D. for his unfailing support and wise counsel, and to the librarians of the Dorothy Carpenter Archives who make available and take such good care of our written history.

    Dr. Donald Quest
    June 2013