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  • 2024

    John Choi, MD

    Stanford University

    Leveraging Principles of Autoimmune Disease to Perpetuate Anti-Tumor T Cell Responses in Glioblastoma


    Kalman Katlowitz, MD

    Baylor College of Medicine

    Neurophysiological Basis of Pathological Behavior in OCD


    Rukayat Taiwo, MD

    Stanford University

    Identification of microglial gene signatures essential for the tumorigenicity of Glioblastoma

    Sandra Yan, MD

    University of Florida College of Medicine

    Immunotherapy Against Brain Metastases from Metastatic Breast Cancer


    Event Cancelled due to Nor'easter storm.


    Event Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic.


    Michael Strong, M.D., Ph.D.

    University of Michigan

    The Role of Differential Bone Marrow Immune Landscape in Permissive Tumor Growth in the Spine

    Michael Zhang, M.D.

    Stanford University

    A First-in-Class, Nanobody-Based Imaging Biomarker for Intracranial Immune Status: Using Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for Targeted M2-Macrophages Surveillance in Glioma


    Stephen Harward, II M.D., Ph.D.

    Duke University

    Identifying the Epileptic Engram

    Christopher Hong, M.D.

    Yale University

    Combination Therapies to Exploit DNA Repair Defects in IDH1/2-mutant Glioma



    Christopher Conner, M.D., Ph.D.

    University of Texas, Houston

    Evaluating and Altering Connectivity of the Median Forebrain Bundle to Treat Depression

    Matthew Pease, M. D.

    University of Pittsburgh

    Validation of a Novel Immunological Classification System for Glioblastoma and Evaluation of Potential Therapeutic Targets Based on Immunologic Subtype



    Akshitkumar Mistry, M.D.

    Vanderbilt University

    Dissecting Cellular and Signaling Features of Glioblastomas with Subventricular Zone Contact to Explain Their Increased Malignancy

    Aaron Wessell, M.D.

    University of Maryland

    Magnetic Resonance Vessel Wall Imaging: A Prospective Comparative Analysis of Vessel Wall Enhancement and TNF-a, TLR-4, NF-kB, and MMP-9 Expression in Ruptured and Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms



    Pablo A. Valdes Quevedo, M.D., Ps.D.

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital

    Multiplexed Quantitative Fluorescence Single Snapshot Optical Properties Imaging for Brain Tumor Resection

    Amir H. Faraji, M.D., Ph.D.

    University of Pittsburgh

    Antioxidant Nanoparticles for Use in Traumatic Brain Injury



    Christian Ricks, M.D.

    University of Pittsburgh

    PTEN Status as a Predictor for NK Cytotoxicity and Decitabine Response Mediated Through NKG2D Ligand Expression

    Diana Ghinda, M.D.

    University of Ottawa

    Translational potential of promising animal therapies to humans for spinal cord injury repair



    Paul Koch, M.D.

    University of Pennsylvania

    Optogenic Modulation of the Hippocampus via Fornix Illumination

    Jonathan Riley, MD MS

    Emory University

    Porcine Intraventricular Orexin Delivery: A Study of Safety, Biodistribution, and Behavioral Effects



    Neena Marupudi, M.D.

    Wayne State University

    Utilization and Mechanism of Anti-CD3 x Notch Bispecifric Antibody-Armed Activated T-Cells to Target Glioblastoma Stem Cells: A Novel Immunotherapy

    Nicole Bentley M.D

    University of Michigan

    Optogenetic Alteration of Proprioceptive Inputs to Motor Cortex for the Development of Neuroprosthetic Devices



    Alan Siu, M.D.

    George Washington University

    Effects of Combination Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitor, Sildenafil, and Brain Natriuretic Peptide on Glioma Progression?

    Timothy Ryan Owens, M.D

    Duke University

    Characterization of Transcriptional Targets of Brachyury in Chordoma



    Alia Adeib, M.D.

    University Hospitals Case Medical

    Local Controlled Release of siRNA Targeting Hypoxia Inducible Factors from Biodegradable Injectible Hydrogels in a Murine Model of Malignant Glioma

    David Su, M.D.

    University of Washington at Seattle

    ECoG Neurorobotics: Engineering an Interface for a Human Electrocorticography-driven Prosthetic Arm



    Ning Lin, M.D.

    Brigham & Women’s Children's Hospital

    Apoptosis and cerebral vasospasm following subarachnoid hemorrhage functional interaction between endothelial cells and neurons

    Adam Sonabend, M.D.

    Columbia University

    Longitudinal Assessment of the Evolution of Glioblastoma: Sequential Steps Required for Tumorogenesis Following p53 Deletion and PDGF Overexpression



    Suzanne Tharin, M.D.

    Brigham & Women’s Children's Hospital

    Cell-Extrinsic controls over Corticospinal Motor Neuron Segment-Specific Axon Targeting

    Pier Paolo Peruzzi, M.D.

    Ohio State University

    NOGO Receptor: A Primer For Gene-Mediated "Endogenous Chemotherpay” For Gliomas



    Charles Kanaly, M.D.

    Duke University

    Dominant pathway identification via metagene analysis of EGFRvIII positive glioblastoma multiforme tumors after vaccination against EGFRvIII

    Fassil Mesfin, M.D.

    Albany Medical Center

    AFPep prevents the transformation of neural precursor cells in glioblastoma multiforme



    Andrew Grande, M.D.

    University of Cincinnati

    Project: Regenerative Potential of Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells in the Adult Neocortex

    Albert Kim, M.D., Ph.D.

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital

    Project: Mechanisms of Glioblastoma Multiforme Invasion: the Role of STAT3