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  • The First Constitution of The Society


    This organization shall be called The Society of Neurological Surgeons.


    The purposes of the Society shall be

    1. The development of the field of neurological surgery. This is to be accomplished by bringing together those men who have a special interest in surgical problems of the nervous system. The meetings are to be held at different institutions so that the members can demonstrate to one another laboratory methods or other researches on neurological topics and can also demonstrate advances in operative technique. Part of each meeting shall be devoted to informal discussions of any phases of the work with the view of getting a free interchange of ideas but formal papers or written communications are to be discouraged as far as possible.

    2. The education of the medical profession and particularly the surgeons in the idea that neurological surgery requires a special training in addition to that of the general surgeon.


    Qualifications for Membership

    Members shall have devoted special study to some phase of surgery of the nervous system and shall have demonstrated this by some of their publications.

    Absence from two consecutive meetings without excuse considered adequate by the council shall be regarded as a resignation.


    Officers of the Society shall be President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. The President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer shall constitute the Council of the Society. Their terms of office shall be two years.


    There shall be a Committee on Admissions to consist of three members to serve six years one of them in order of seniority to retire every two years.


    A Nominating Committee of three to hold office for two years shall be chosen by ballot every second year at the annual meeting not assigned for the election of officers and shall nominate all officers as well as members of the Committee on Admissions.


    In case of vacancies out of course occurring among officers or members of the Committee on Admissions the Council shall appoint substitutes to serve until the next annual meeting.


    The duties of the President shall be to preside at all meetings of the Society and the Council and to exercise such other functions as shall be hereinafter stated.


    In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall act in his stead.


    The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings; shall notify members of their election; shall conduct the correspondence of the Society; shall send a written report of the proceedings of each meeting to each member with end results on cases demonstrated; shall collect and preserve a full series of publications of members, the titles which shall be printed yearly and forwarded to the members together with the program of the annual meeting and shall carry on such other business as falls to the lot of a corresponding and recording secretary.


    The treasurer shall collect and disburse the funds of the Society. He shall keep books and render an annual report to the Society. The annual dues shall be $250.


    The Council shall arrange for all meetings of the Society.

    They shall levy assessments as may seem advisable. They shall appropriate money for the necessary expenses. They shall make suggestions or recommendations to the Society from time to time as they see fit.


    The Committee on Admissions shall be required at each annual meeting to submit to the Society for vote the names of candidates.

    Every nomination for membership shall be in writing signed by two members; and each signer shall write to the Committee on Admissions giving full information regarding the candidate he proposes.

    The Committee shall not consider any candidate until the above requirements have been fulfilled.


    There shall be two meetings of the Society yearly. The spring meeting to be known as the annual meeting at which all routine business shall be transacted.